3 Things Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Drugs

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common condition many men experience across the world. It can happen for a number of different reasons, the most common being stress and emotional problems. Depending on the cause, ED may be treated with medication like Stendra, though not all ED drugs are created equal. It is crucial to research the specific type of ED that you experience in order to know how to treat it. Here are a few things that may be skimmed over by your doctor that you need to know about.

1. Plan Ahead. Many men wonder how to make sure that they are ready when the moment is right. Reading the directions on the box can clear up any doubt. Depending on what medication you are taking, the desired effect may happen anywhere from 15 minutes for some drugs to an hour for others. Some medications even require that you take them daily in order for the desired effects. Make sure that you understand the mechanisms of the medication in order to be prepared. Another thing to think about and understand is that even though you are taking a medication to get you ready, the aftermath will likely be the same. You may be able to have multiple sessions on just one pill, but that is not always the case. 

2. The Cost. Though many men disagree, sexual activity is not necessary to live. More than likely ED medications will not be covered by your insurance. Before biting the bullet and spending big bucks, look around for help in paying for your medication. Oftentimes you can find prescription coupons online, or you can ask your doctor if that specific medication has drug reps that offer special financing. 

3. The Side Effects. Be careful to take the correct dose. Many a man has found himself in the hospital from trying to beat the system. ED medications can be dangerous if taken in excess, but there are other side effects you need to pay attention to. Look out for headaches, a racing heart, an upset stomach, or even blurred vision. If any of these side effects become frequent, talk to your doctor. 

As with any other prescribed medication, make sure that you talk to your doctor before beginning any ED treatment. Ask questions and be aware of the risks and benefits of the medication you take. With the help of ED treatments, relationships can be strengthened and many men can find their confidence again.