A Look At Common Uses For An IV Infusion Pump

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In a medical treatment setting, multiple types of instruments are used for medication delivery, but few are as important or as effective and controlled as an IV infusion pump. Unlike a traditional IV pump, the infusion pump is capable of delivering fragmented, perfectly infused medications and solutions. There are multiple reasons why this form of IV delivery is highly advantageous to care providers and patients. Take a look at some of the situations when an IV infusion pump is used during medical treatment. 

The infusion pump is often used during childbirth. 

During childbirth, it is critical the mother receive any medications administered in the most precisely controlled way so there is an as little effect on the baby as possible while it is still in the womb. The IV infusion pump may be used as a traditional bedside IV to deliver medications to induce labor or for pain management. If the mother opts to have an epidural, which involves placing a medication delivery line through the spine, an infusion pump will be used to deliver the medication in tiny amounts so the pain management is continuous. 

The infusion pump is often used for pediatric patients. 

Pediatric patients who need the tiniest, most stable doses of medications or nutrients will often be treated with an IV infusion pump. These pumps have the ability to utilize pressurized gas to control the flow rate of medications down to the smallest fragments. Traditional IVs usually have a drip function to control the delivery, but even these drops can be too much for a pediatric patient who only needs the smallest of doses because of their small body weight. Neonatal care facilities rely heavily on IV infusion pumps to treat premature babies. 

The infusion pump is often used for insulin delivery to diabetic patients. 

An infusion pump of a smaller size and stature is often used to treat patients who have a more severe form of diabetes that requires continuous delivery of insulin. These infusion pumps are designed to be mobile so a patient can keep the pump with them at all times. Because the infusion pump is capable of delivering minuscule amounts of medication at once, the patient is able to receive a tiny dose of insulin much more closely matching what the body would naturally produce. This action helps to maintain blood sugar levels consistently when typical insulin treatment would not do the same. 

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