3 Tips For Your Teen's First Trip To The Gynecologist

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Has your teenager daughter started to show signs of reaching puberty or becoming an adult? If so, it's likely a good idea to get her to a gynecologist for her first checkup, ideally sooner rather than later. That said, it's understandable if your teen is feeling a little nervous about their first trip to a OBGYN. If you want to help put her mind at ease, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Tell Her It's OK to Feel Nervous

Most teens feel awkward about their developing bodies. Not many teens, however, feel comfortable discussing the subject. If you have a good relationship with your daughter, don't be afraid to bring up the subject ahead of the appointment. You can likely put her mind at ease a bit by discussing the various services offered. A gynecologist does much more than just poke around in your private parts. A OB/GYN can provide STD screening and other health care advice. 

Tell Her It's Confidential

If the teen is nervous because she does not want to discuss her sexual history, let her know that it's completely confidential and offer to wait outside the room or just drop her off and pick her up later. It's critically important that your teen is as honest as possible with her gynecologist. Sometimes having a parent in the same room can cause issues with this. Be willing to give your daughter some independence and go into the appointment alone if it will make her feel more comfortable about talking with the doctor.

Make Sure She is Not on Her Period

It might be a slightly awkward question to ask, but you need to know when your daughter's next period is before you schedule the appointment. A gynecologist appointment while on your period is not likely to be helpful, as the blood can get in the way of the appointment and also possibly mess up the results of a pap smear or any other testing that is done. Inquire with your daughter again shortly before the appointment to make sure everything is good to go before you head off to the gynecologist's office.

A first trip to the gynecologist can be a nerve-wracking experience for a teen. If you want to help put your teen's mind at ease, tell her it's OK to feel nervous but there is really no reason to be. Give your teen the independence to talk to the doctor freely and offer to wait outside if she would like. For more tips, contact a gynecologist today. Visit a site like http://www.billingsclinic.com for more help.