Deciding If Surgical Abortion Is Right After The Second Trimester Stillbirth Of Your First Child

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Pregnancy is always an exciting and stressful time for an expecting mother. However, it can become painful if you experience a second trimester stillbirth, especially if it was your first child. In this scenario, you may need to seriously consider a surgical abortion as a way of protecting yourself and your reproductive future.

Second Trimester Stillbirth Are Devastating

A second trimester stillbirth is often more devastating than a first trimester loss. Your first child was so close to being born and was robbed from you before you had a chance to experience the joy of childbirth.

Physical and emotional pain is going to be high during this period, especially if your child has passed but hasn't yet exited your body. In fact, this situation can be problematic for you on a physical and mental level if it isn't managed right away.

A Stillbirth Doesn't Always Immediately Exit

When your growing baby dies in your womb in the second trimester, it will eventually pass out of your body in what can be a physically and emotionally painful experience. The moment of exit can be unpredictable and may occur when you least expect it, throwing you into anxiety and depression and making your life more difficult.

That's why many medical professionals suggest getting a surgical abortion for a stillbirth if it occurs before 24 weeks of gestation have passed. It is understandable if you are uncertain about this type of procedure, but second trimester stillbirth surgeries are common and have become surprisingly safe due to the development of safer surgical methods.

When Surgical Abortion Is Wise

The hardest part about this situation is deciding if abortion is your best choice or if you should simply wait for the stillborn fetus to pass. Many mothers are likely to want to wait for nature to take care of it. However, waiting for too long increases your risk of infections and other health problems that can cause serious reproductive health risks.

Surgical abortion after a second trimester stillbirth is a safe procedure that will carefully remove the fetus. After this type of treatment, post-abortion mental health processes are often necessary as a way of overcoming the anxiety and depression that losing a baby can cause for many women.

So if you just experienced a second trimester stillbirth and aren't sure what to do, talk to early surgical abortion clinics. They can help you make this difficult process and will work hard to ensure that you do what is right for your health, both physical and mental.