If Your Daughter Is A Ballerina Addicted To Opiates, Ibogaine Treatment May Help

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Many women dream of becoming ballerinas, work hard to get their body into the right shape, and their skills at the right level. Unfortunately, this demanding career path may leave your daughter open to bad influences, such as opiates. Thankfully, treatment methods like ibogaine treatment can help her recover and regain her career.

Ballerinas May Be At A High Risk For Opiate Addiction

The average daily routine of a ballerina is very difficult. Your daughter is likely up before the sun rises and exercising to stay in shape. She may eat very little and put her body in severe pain every time she dances. In this situation, she is likely to turn to substances like opiates to ease her pain and reduce the agony from which she suffers.

Unfortunately, even prescription opiate painkillers can be addictive if used improperly. And if your daughter ends up suffering from even a mild dependency on opiates, she is likely to spiral into a severe addiction that puts her career, and her life, in a very dangerous situation.

For example, opiate addiction may take over her life and force her to turn to illegal substances in order to get the high that she needs to beat her pain. And if she becomes physically addicted, her body is going to go through severe withdrawal that could threaten her success during a difficult dance routine. Thankfully, ibogaine treatment may be what you need in this situation.

Ibogaine Treatment May Help

If your daughter is a promising ballerina who has fallen sway to the addictive qualities of opiates, getting ibogaine treatment may be what she needs to survive. Ibogaine is a psychedelic substance derived from a West African shrubs. And while it has yet to be approved by the FDA as a treatment for opiate addiction, many experts believe that it can help.

For example, taking doses of this substance has been shown to minimize withdrawal symptoms and provide a relief from this painful condition. Your daughter might just need that slight help while she is recovering from addiction, as withdrawal can be the most damaging and powerful on those with slight frames – such as ballerinas.

So if you want your daughter to succeed in the battle against her addiction, it is smart to talk to a treatment specialist about ibogaine treatment. Even if you don't find this to be a useful method for overcoming addiction, your may be able to find other treatment methods that help.