Evening Neck Pain: Follow These 2 Precautionary Steps

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If your neck pain only occurs in the evening, you may wonder why it happens, and what you might do to prevent it. Neck pain occurs from many things, including working on your computer for prolonged periods of time. If you work in an industry that requires you to sit all day long, follow the two precautionary steps below to keep your neck from hurting every evening. 

Stretch Your Neck and Arms Several Times a Day

The muscles in your neck work extremely hard during the day to support the heavy weight of your head and to keep your back and shoulders straight. But as the day progresses, the muscles in your neck can become tired and unable to support your head's weight. 

You can try alleviating or preventing your evening neck pain by gently moving your head from side-to-side several times during the day. You should feel a slight stretch in the sides of your neck and down the lengths of your shoulders as you move your head from side-to-side. You can also relieve the tension in your neck by stretching your arms. Hold your arms out to your sides and stretch them as far as you can. The exercises may allow fresh blood to circulate through the fatigued muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back. 

If your neck pain doesn't subside with the exercise tips above, schedule an appointment with a pain management doctor.

Schedule Neck Pain Relief Treatment

Not all neck pain develops as a result of prolonged sitting. Neck pain could also affect you if you injure a muscle in your neck, or if you ruptured a disc in your spine. A pain management specialist can examine your neck to see why it aches every evening. 

You may need to have X-rays taken during your exam. X-rays can help pinpoint injuries in your neck, spine, and shoulders. If the findings are abnormal, a neck pain specialist can address the problem with medication, chiropractic care, or another appropriate treatment. Some adults require routine care to keep their neck pain at bay. A doctor will go over their treatment options and the expectations for them with you during your visit. 

It's important to maintain good posture at work during and after your pain management treatment. If you need advice on how to prevent neck pain at work, speak to a specialist immediately.

You can ease your evening neck pain by contacting a pain management specialist today. Companies like Allegheny Brain and Spine Surgeons can help.