How To Help Your Loved One Feel More Comfortable After Brain Cancer Surgery

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If your loved one was just diagnosed with brain cancer, then it's a very serious and scary time for you and your family. Depending on the type of brain cancer that they have, the brain cancer center that they go to may recommend that they undergo surgery to help remove the tumor. If your loved one has decided to move forward with brain surgery to remove a tumor, you may feel like there isn't much you can do to help them. Even though this is technically true, there are a few small things that you can do to offer your support and make them feel comfortable while they are recovering from surgery while staying at the brain cancer center. Ready to learn some more? Read on. 

Visit Them

The number one thing that you can do for your loved one while they are recovering from brain cancer surgery is to visit them while they are at the brain cancer center. Even though you won't want to bombard them with too many visitors, just sitting next to them while they rest will help them feel calmer and more comfortable. If you loved one is having a hard time resting after surgery, ask them if they want you to read them some books; this sort of intellectual stimulation can help them recover. 

Talk To Their Doctors For Them

It can be hard for your loved one to really talk to the doctors about their surgical results while they are recovering. If you get your loved one's permission, try to act as a liaison between your loved one and their doctors. For instance, ask all of the questions about surgery, results, and recovery; that way you have a better idea of what to tell your loved one. By taking this extra burden off of them while they are recovering, you can hopefully help them feel less stressed and more relaxed. 

Bring Them Comforts From Home

Having a fresh pair of pajamas, a favorite pillow, a soft blanket, or even some pictures from home can help your loved one feel more comfortable and relaxed while they are recovering at the brain cancer center. Before surgery, ask your loved one which things they would like and then arrange to go pick them up while they are in surgery; that way, they can have everything ready when they come out of surgery. 

It can be hard to lend a hand when your loved one is recovering from brain cancer surgery, but these small things may make a big impact.