Interventional Injections Could Be The Solution For Your Back Pain

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If your back pain makes you miserable and nothing seems to make your condition better, you may want to discuss intervention injections with your doctor. These injections provide pain relief to a targeted area of your back. The injections are given with the aid of ultrasound or x-ray imaging, so you need to have them at a clinic or hospital that provides intervention pain management. Here are some things to know.

The Procedure For Having The Injections

Intervention injections are taken as an outpatient in a radiology department. You'll be on your stomach so the doctor can access your back. A local anesthetic is applied to your skin so you feel no discomfort when the needle is inserted and you may also be given light IV sedation to help you relax. The doctor views the needle on a monitor as he or she guides it toward your spine,

This allows for pinpoint precision when targeting the area that's causing your pain. The bundle of nerves at the end of your spine might be the target or the doctor may apply the medication to a specific joint in your spine depending on your condition and the cause of your pain. An intervention injection is a quick procedure and you'll probably be able to resume your usual activities the next day. For the remainder of the day after your injection, you'll want to rest and take it easy while the IV sedation wears off.

The Type Of Medication Used

The purpose of intervention injections is to provide pain relief. This can be done in a couple of ways. The doctor may use an anesthetic that provides instant relief of pain. The effects of this medication are usually short-lasting. Another medication that's used is an anti-inflammatory. It takes longer for it to go to work, but the effects are felt for much longer. Your doctor may choose an injection that has both medications so you get fast relief and long-term effects too.

The Results You Might Expect

Results vary among individuals. You may get lasting relief from a single injection, but it's common to need multiple injections spaced apart in order to feel results. If your pain is caused by inflammation, you'll have better results from the anti-inflammatory drug than if the pain is from another cause. It's possible that you'll enjoy several months of reduced back pain after your injections and this could make it easier to complete physical therapy and to resume your usual daily activities.

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