3 Lifestyle Choices To Discuss With Your Weight Loss Counselor

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If you are unable to reach your weight loss goals on your own, consider visiting a weight management clinic. At the weight loss center, you will meet with a counselor who will answer your questions about the weight loss program, and how it can help you shed unwanted pounds.

During your initial meeting with your counselor, be sure to discuss your lifestyle choices and habits that may affect your ability to lose weight. Here are three lifestyle choices to discuss with your weight loss counselor.

1. Medication Use

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can slow your weight loss. For example, certain cardiac medications such as beta blockers can slow down your metabolic rate. In addition to a slow metabolism, beta blockers can also cause exercise intolerance.

This can cause you to become very tired during your exercise routine and may even make walking and stair climbing strenuous. Your weight loss counselor will need to know which medications you are taking so that he or she can monitor their effects.

If you take medications that make it unable for you to lose weight despite following the weight loss program, you may be asked to increase your protein intake to compensate for your inability to exercise and slowed metabolism. 

2. Water Consumption

If you do not drink enough water, losing weight may be difficult. When you fail to drink enough water, your body may perceive this as a dehydration threat, and therefore, hold on to every drop of water that is in your body.

This will cause water retention, which will show up on the scale. When your weight loss counselor becomes aware of your water intake deficit, he or she will recommend that you increase your consumption. When your body is well-hydrated again, your body will let go of retained fluid, which will reduce water weight gain and bloat.

3. Dietary Preferences

Consuming too many carbohydrates may hinder your weight loss goals. This is especially true if the carbohydrates you consume are mostly comprised of cookies, cereals, cake, and candy, instead of fresh fruits and vegetables. Excess carbohydrate intake may not only pack on the pounds but may also cause fluid retention.

When your weight loss counselor knows about your carbohydrate intake, he or she can adjust your weight loss plans to include more lean proteins. After a few days, you will notice that the scale is moving in the right direction.

If you are having a hard time losing weight on your own, make an appointment with a weight loss center counselor. He or she will explain the health benefits of the program and discuss how it can help you reach your weight loss goals safely.