Acne, Burn, and Stretch Mark Scarring: What Can You Do?

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Scars are a reminder that you have undergone certain experiences in your life. Every person has a scar of some kind on their body, but you may be self-conscious about your own.

You want your scarring to be less noticeable, especially your acne scars on your face, burn scars from a second-degree or third-degree burn, and stretch mark scars on your tummy and other areas of your body. What can you do about your scars? Here is a guide to help you decide what medical cosmetic procedures will work best for you.

Laser treatments

You can get laser treatments to treat minor scarring on your face and other areas of your body. Laser treatments help break down scar tissue and they allow healthier, non-marred skin to replace scar tissue. While laser treatments can be effective for scarring, you'll likely have to undergo this cosmetic treatment multiple times before you see the results you desire. 

Skin removal

If your scars are accompanied by sagging skin, particularly in the case of stretch marks on the belly or thighs, you may want to consider skin removal surgery. This type of surgery tightens the skin by taking away the sagging and loose skin—often caused by large weight loss or a difficult pregnancy—and removing the affected stretch marked and scarred skin along with it.

Your surgeon may do what is called a tummy tuck, leg or arm lift, or other type of skin removal surgery to help you achieve the more natural-looking and youthful body you desire. Make a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to see what type of skin removal or other cosmetic procedure will work best for you to remove your scarred skin.


Microdermabrasion and other dermabrasion techniques are used on people who have acne and other types of scarring, particularly on the face and neck. This type of cosmetic procedure applies a light pressure and texture to the skin to remove dead skin cells and help the skin rejuvenate naturally. You should talk to your cosmetic surgeon or aesthetician to see if this type of procedure will work for your acne or other types of scarring. Sometimes, this procedure can also assist in wrinkle and fine line reduction or removal.

There are many solutions to your cosmetic needs, particularly where scarring or stretch marks are involved. If you feel it's time to get rid of any damages to your skin, talk to a cosmetic surgeon about your options today.