What Are The Best Reasons To Wear Latex-Free Particle Protection Masks As A Dentist?

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If you are a dentist, you likely spend a lot of long hours working on teeth each day, whether you are cleaning the teeth, removing decay, putting fillings into place, or even performing extractions. When you are completing different types of dental work, you likely need to sit close to the patient to get the best look at what is going on in his or her mouth.

However, when you are performing dental work in a patient's mouth, particles may fly around in the office and could potentially get in your face. You can protect yourself from those random flying particles by wearing a latex-free particle protection mask while performing dental work on your patients.

Keep Particles Off Your Face and Out of Your Mouth

When you are using different types of dental tools on a patient's tooth, particles of the tooth and the decay may come right out of the patient's mouth. Those particles could land on your face or even inside your own mouth if you are talking to the patient without wearing any protective gear over your face.

If you want to avoid exposure, you should wear latex-free particle protection masks each time you work with a patient. There are disposable options that you can wear throughout the day to keep the germs at a minimum while protecting your face and mouth from anything that might come out of a patient's mouth.

Avoid Sensitivity Issues While Staying Protected

Because the protection masks do not contain latex, you will not have to worry much about dealing with sensitivity issues. Some people tend to have a bad reaction to face masks that are made with a latex material. The latex material could eventually cause irritation around your face, especially if you are wearing a mask over your mouth and nose for extended periods throughout the day. By purchasing latex-free protective masks, you can avoid the sensitivity issues and irritation while keeping yourself as protected as possible when working with your patients.

When you work in a dental office and provide assorted dental services to dozens of patients each day, there is always chance of being exposed to different things when you are performing those services, such as bacteria, plaque, tartar, and even bits and pieces of a tooth that you may be drilling into when taking care of a cavity.

If you want to reduce your risk of exposure and keep yourself protected, you should start wearing latex-free particle protection masks in the office. These masks are comfortable to wear all day long because they are not made of an irritating latex material.