Everything a Gen X-er Needs to Know About Buying a Hearing Aid for the First Time

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You may still be able to party like its 1999, but many Gen X-ers are losing their hearing. By the time Gen X-ers reach 65, one in three of them will suffer from age-related hearing loss. 

How Do I Know If I Need a Hearing Aid

You can start by taking a hearing test online if you are curious right now, but an audiologist should really assess your hearing loss in their office. The test is so simple that even the Stay-Puft marshmallow man could take it. You simply listen to a series of beeps and noises in each ear in a soundproof booth. The results will give the audiologist all the information he or she needs to help you hear better.   

Can a Hearing Aid Be Discrete

Let's face it. Fashion was big in the 80s. From pegged jeans to larger-than-life hair, the MTV Generation was always concerned about looks—and a hearing aid is no different. Luckily, the over-the-ear models have given way to discrete hearing aids that are located either partially or completely in the ear canal. No one needs to know that a hearing aid lurks underneath that Walkman.  

Will My Insurance Cover a New Hearing Aid

In health insurance lingo, a hearing aid is known as a 'durable medical good.' While most companies no longer cover durable medical goods, your policy may cover a percentage of the purchase. Talk to your insurance agent about the specifics of your health insurance policy. Another factor to inquire about is how often you can get a new hearing aid. It is not only our hearing that will continue to change over time but also the size and shape of our ears. Hearing aids must fit snugly in our ears to work properly. Try to find a policy that does not hinder future purchases. 

Are Hearing Aids Expensive 

Hearing aids are not collecting-money-to-buy-Ferris-a-new-kidney expensive, but they are not cheap either. In fact, this is not an area in your life where you need to try and save money. Buying a quality hearing aid is important and you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars. It will be worth it to hear every nuance on those mixed tapes. 

Can I Sync My Hearing Aid to Other Devices

Gen X may have grown up on 8-bit, but they love today's technology. Hearing aids do not disappoint. Most models allow you to sync to other devices via Bluetooth technology, meaning you can connect your hearing aid to your smartphone or iPad and never skip a beat.

Don't wait until the next time you can't hear the conversation at the dinner table. Use this as your 'aha' moment and get a hearing aid.