Forget Over-the-Counter Options: Here's Why You Should Seek Professional Treatments for Your Hemorrhoids

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Living with hemorrhoids can be a real bummer. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they can be embarrassing too – especially if you're actively dating. Over-the-counter treatments may provide you with a little relief, but working with a gastroenterologist is likely a better long-term option for you. Here are just a few reasons why:

Catch Other Problems

One of the most important reasons to seek professional help for your hemorrhoids problem is to catch other possible underlying health problems early. The earlier you catch health problems, the easier it should be for your doctor to help you correct those problems.

When your doctor works to get rid of your hemorrhoids, they'll have an opportunity to check for other possible problems that could be causing your hemorrhoids or that are associated with them in some way. Your gastroenterologist can then treat you for all problems caught at the same time so you don't end up going back for further treatments or for the recurrence of hemorrhoids in the future.

Maintain Your Anonymity

Working with a doctor to treat your hemorrhoids will also give you the anonymity you deserve as time goes on. Instead of having to purchase over-the-counter treatments and risk friends, neighbors, and work colleagues seeing those treatments and making assumptions about your health, you can discreetly treat your hemorrhoids at the doctor's office without anyone else knowing except for who you choose to personally tell.

Achieve Lasting Relief

Another good reason to get professional help for your hemorrhoids is to optimize your chance of achieving lasting relief. Over-the-counter products may provide you with temporary relief, but chances are that you will have to continue using the products to maintain your relief.

But your gastroenterologist can offer you a variety of treatment options, such as rubber-band ligation and sclerotherapy, that should get rid of your hemorrhoid problem altogether. So in the end, you don't have to worry about ongoing treatments to maintain your relief.

Learn Avoidance Tips

In addition to actually treating your hemorrhoids, you can expect your doctor to provide you with recommendations and tips you can use to prevent the recurrence of hemorrhoids in the future. From personal hygiene tips to ointment recommendations, you can count on your doctor to work with you long-term until you achieve the health results that you want and deserve.

Schedule an appointment with your gastroenterologist today to learn more about how they can help you get rid of your hemorrhoid problem once and for all.