Designing Your Pharmacy

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 If you are going to be redesigning your pharmacy, then you want to be sure you create a fantastic space where staff and customers alike will feel comfortable and secure. You can follow some of the tips that are provided here to get your new pharmacy design looking the way you want.

 Choose the right paint color

You want to stick with a warm and neutral color when you are painting your pharmacy. Many people who come into your pharmacy won't be feeling well and having it painted in bright colors or in multiple colors probably isn't going to sit well with someone who is already dealing with a headache or nausea. It's best to offer them an environment that is going to be easy on their eyes.

Choose the best layout

When you are planning out the pharmacy's layout, you want to keep several things in mind. You want to make sure the back of the pharmacy is going to be easy to keep clean and organized. There should also be plenty of room for the pharmacist and the rest of the staff to work comfortably. The waiting area of the pharmacy should be comfortable and offer enough seating for most of the customers you would have waiting at one time. You should have clean, well-organized and well-stocked shelves full of those over the counter products your customers can purchase. The areas where the shelves are should also be well-lit.

Make sure the lighting is right

You want the lighting to be bright enough that the pharmacy staff has no problem seeing. They need to see as good as possible to ensure they don't have problems reading all that small print. You want the waiting area to be at a comfortable level, so people with eye issues, migraines and other problems won't be offended by the brightness. Also, the waiting area shouldn't be too dim or people who already have physical or visual issues will be at a greater risk of falling.

Create very private areas

The drop off, the pick up and the consultation areas need to be private. Have partitions installed that allow customers to have very private conversations with all of the pharmacy staff without the conversations being over heard. When you set up the areas for the lines, make sure the lines start far enough back from the counters that the next person in line isn't going to be able to hear the conversation going on at these counter areas.