What's The Deal With Bloating?

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For many people, bloating feels like a common part of life. It may happen after every meal, and it may lead to a variety of other conditions. You may even wonder if there is any way you are eating something bad.

Bloating happens to most people, but it should not be a regular problem in your life. You may have wondered if a gastroenterologist will be able to help you with your symptoms. The answers to these questions will help you get the answers you need.

What Is Bloating?

Bloating feels like having something inside your stomach that is inflated and will not go away. It can cause a lot of discomfort in your stomach, leading to gas and other symptoms. You may experience bloating because of food intolerance and eating too much in one sitting.

The main symptom is a sense of pain or fullness in the stomach that does not go away. It may also make trips to the bathroom uncomfortable or even painful.

What Foods Cause Bloating?

Many types of foods can cause bloating, but they can differ from person to person. In many people, bloating is linked to foods like beans, vegetables, fruits, fizzy drinks, lactose-containing foods, and certain sweeteners.

Sometimes it is not the food but rather the way one eats the food. For instance, people may experience bloating if they eat too quickly or if they drink through a straw. Sometimes it comes from eating a lot of food at once, causing the stomach to expand too quickly and too far.

Can Bloating Can Lead to Other Issues?

Sometimes bloating is associated with other health issues. It may not cause these other health conditions but rather may be a symptom of them.

Irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is one issue that can cause bloating as well as issues like cramping and constipation. It can also be associated with celiac disease, cancer, gastroparesis, constipation, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Gastroenterologists Can Help

Bloating is often more complex than it appears, and you may need to take some time to see a gastroenterologist if you suspect you have some health conditions. Speak with your doctor about any discomfort you often experience. Bloating can be very uncomfortable and leave you with a desire for answers. A gastroenterologist may provide those answers.

Make an appointment at a gastroenterology clinic today to learn more about your health options. Bloating does not have to be a regular occurrence anymore, and help is on the way.