How Dementia Care Centers Go Above And Beyond For Their Residents

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Sometimes people are hesitant to bring their elderly loved ones to dementia care centers, even when they have been suffering the effects of dementia for years. They may feel like they're giving up on their loved ones or like they owe it to their loved ones to care for them at home. However, these feelings usually stem from a misunderstanding of dementia care and what dementia care centers have to offer. These centers are not just places for older people to stay — they truly go above and beyond to make sure their residents are given the best care, considering their diagnosis. Here's how.

Employing caregivers with specialized training.

The caregivers who work at a dementia care center usually have specialized training related to dementia care. This goes not only for the nurses but also for staff like receptionists and aides. Because of this training, these people are able to help your loved one feel more welcome and comfortable. They are also likely to spot health problems before they get any worse since they know what problems to watch out for in dementia patients. This can lead to a better quality of life and better health for your loved one as they continue to age.

Creating dementia-friendly layouts and architecture.

The building itself is usually laid out in a way that is friendly and accommodating to patients with dementia. For example, there may be signs on the walls with different symbols, rather than words, to help the residents navigate. Rooms are usually big and open, which minimizes the number of hallways that the patients have to find their way down. Some dementia care facilities have reception desks in the central courtyard so that the receptionist can redirect residents who have trouble finding their way.

Organizing activities that are helpful for dementia patients.

Patients with dementia need activity and stimulation in order to slow the progression of their illness and to keep their mental health in good shape. However, they can't always participate in traditional activities. Dementia care centers do a great job of planning activities and events that are ideal for those with dementia. Your loved one will be able to have fun without feeling like they're being challenged too much.

You should feel no guilt if the time has come for your loved one to move to a dementia care center. In most cases, these centers are the best place for patients with dementia to be.