How Flu Shots Help Protect Families From COVID-19 And Other Diseases

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Health dangers like the cold and flu have become even more frightening in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, as they may open up children to easier infection. If a child gets these diseases at school and brings them home, an entire family may be at a higher risk. Thankfully, flu shots can help.

Flu Often Spreads Quickly in Schools

Schools can be a breeding ground for many types of diseases, such as many colds and the flu. Flu disease often affects children very heavily and can pass very easily in schools, especially if their symptoms are slow to develop. In these situations, a child may accidentally bring home the flu to their whole family and make the rest of them sick in a way that is often quite frustrating and hard to handle.

Unfortunately, children and families who beat the flu may find that their immune systems are weaker after the struggle. They may also be more prone to other types of conditions, including the potential for COVID-19 infection. Therefore, it is crucial for those in this situation to find a way to manage this problem quickly, such as the use of high-quality flu shots to prevent sickness.

How a Flu Shot Can Help

Parents worried about their children getting the flu from school and bringing it home and worsening everybody's risk of getting COVID-19 may want to consider a full round of flu shots for the whole family. Flu shots use a less potent version of flu to trigger antibodies that make a person immune to specific types of flu viruses for an extended period—usually around a year or so.

In this way, a whole family can be protected from various types of diseases that may otherwise easily spread, such as many types of flu viruses and the cold. While vaccinations for the flu don't prevent cold infestation, stopping the flu helps to keep the immune system stronger, making it easier for a person to fight off cold or COVID-19 viruses. In this way, their symptoms may decrease heavily and be easier to manage.

In many areas, children and even parents of children may be able to get free or low-cost flu shots that can cover the whole family. The type of shots that they get often vary based on many factors as well, though some may provide comprehensive shots that cover as many diseases as possible. In this way, it should be easier for a family to stay safe from this health danger. Contact a health center for more information about flu shots.