Is Insomnia Keeping You From Getting The Rest You Need? 3 Things To Try

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Insomnia is the inability to sleep. It's being overly tired but unable to fall asleep and stay asleep. Most people won't be able to fall asleep or will go a few nights without sleep at some point in their lives, but if it's reoccurring, it's insomnia, and it can begin to take its toll on your health, your relationships, and your entire life. If you are suffering from insomnia, you should make an appointment with a sleep clinic to see about getting on prescription sleep medication and to see what else can be done about your inability to sleep. Read on for a few things you can try at home to get those much-needed z's.

1. Exercise Daily

Raising your heart rate may feel like a contradiction when you're losing sleep, but you should exercise every day in order to ease anxiety and burn off some of that excess energy. It can also help ease your mind and help put your mind to rest when you finally go to sleep at night. Don't exercise right before bed, but do so during the daytime hours. It doesn't have to be vigorous exercise, just something that burns calories and burns energy. Low-impact exercise such as yoga, Pilates, and even walking can all be beneficial in helping you fall asleep at night.

2. Avoid Technologic Devices Before Bed

By avoiding devices such as tablets, computers, or smartphones, you can help keep your mind from racing and put your mind at ease. If you have to use these devices, only do so during the day, not in the last several hours before you go to bed. Using these devices can cause your mind to race and may make you over-think too much. 

3. Don't Eat Or Drink Before Bed

If you eat and drink before you go to bed at night, it could be keeping you up at night. Some foods may not agree with you and could be keeping you up. Drinking too much before bed may also be keeping you up, especially if the drinks contain caffeine or a lot of sugar. Drinking too much before bed may cause you to have to get up to go to the bathroom too much as well, which can prevent you from falling asleep. Try cutting off your eating and drinking a few hours before you go to bed at night.

If you are suffering from insomnia, you should seek help from a professional sleep clinic, such as Elkview General Hospital. Try using the tips above to help you as well.