Pros And Cons Of RF Skin Tightening

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If you visit a cosmetic dermatologist or even a med spa and tell them you're unhappy with the fact that your skin has begun to look loose and saggy, they will often suggest a bevy of treatment options. You could have a face-lift. You could get filler. But often, the treatment they recommend trying first is one called radiofrequency skin tightening, or RF skin tightening. This treatment has both pros and cons, which will be explored below.

Pro: It's very safe. 

RF skin tightening involves the use of radio waves to tighten your skin. The RF waves will be delivered via a wand, which looks a bit like an ultrasound wand. The radiowaves warm up your skin and stimulate its collagen production. There is virtually no risk involved in this procedure. You won't feel any pain, no incisions need to be made, and your skin does not even need to be pierced with a needle. It's hard to find a safer skin tightening treatment.

Con: It only does so much.

RF skin tightening is great for toning facial skin that's a little loose or saggy. It won't fully correct a double chin or remove excess cheek skin. In other words, it's great for mild to moderate cases, but not so effective for more extreme cases. If you do have a more extreme case of sagging skin, RF tightening may make it less dramatic, but it may not give you the intensity of results that you desire.

Pro: You can have multiple treatments.

After your first RF session, your results will keep building for a few weeks as your skin makes collagen. If you decide you don't see as much tightening as you would like, then you can go in for another treatment. Or, if five years down the road you decide you want another treatment, you can have one then. It's a lot easier to have multiple RF sessions than multiple surgeries.

Con: It can be expensive.

RF tightening is cosmetic and not typically covered by health insurance, and it can be pricey. You may want to get quotes from a few different offices in your area before having it done. If you need more than one treatment, the cost can be even greater.

RF treatment is a key option for those struggling with loose, sagging skin. It's readily available at many med spas, so look for a place in your area to consult with. 

Contact a dermatologist for more information about skin tightening treatments