Three Ways Bariatric Surgery May Improve Your Health

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Bariatric surgery, also known as WLS (weight loss surgery), is a gastrointestinal surgery for morbid obesity. Bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic procedure and Bariatrics doctors don't offer a quick fix.  However, for those who are severely obese and can't lose weight by traditional means or have obesity related health problems, Bariatric surgery may be an option. Following the surgery, there is a great deal of work as well as a lifetime commitment involved; however, the majority of people who have Bariatric surgery experience a significant improvement in their health following the surgery. Here are three ways Bariatric surgery may improve your health.

Blood Cholesterol Levels

Those who are obese and have high blood cholesterol are also at an increased risk for heart disease. Individuals with high blood cholesterol levels have a greater chance of plaque developing in their artery walls, which may harden over time. This in turn can limit the flow of oxygen-rich blood to their organs, including the heart. Following their Bariatric surgery, a large majority of people experience normal cholesterol levels.

Type II Diabetes

When you eat, the food is changed into sugar or glucose, which gives you energy. The pancreas makes a hormone, known as insulin, which helps your body absorb the glucose. Unfortunately, excess weight can create stress on your system, which may cause insulin resistance (a condition where you are unable to absorb glucose). Insulin resistance may cause you to develop type II diabetes. Following Bariatric surgery, the weight loss—combined with a healthy diet—can help you have normal blood sugar levels, which alleviates type II diabetes.

Degenerative Joint Diseases

Although there is no cure for degenerative joint diseases, such as arthritis, Bariatric surgery can significantly reduce many of the symptoms associated with the disease. Excess weight continually places stress on the joints, causing pain, swelling, and inflammation. The weight loss will reduce or eliminate the stress on joints, ultimately reducing or preventing you from experiencing the symptoms associated with a degenerative joint disease.

If you are considering Bariatric surgery it is important to choose a Bariatric doctor that is experienced in these types of surgeries. Weight loss surgery, like any other type of surgery, may have its risks; however, Bariatric surgery is safe and when it is performed by knowledgeable and experienced Bariatrics doctors, there is no more risk than what you can expect from other major surgeries. The best Bariatric surgery services will have a full team of professionals to help guide you through your pre-surgery counseling. They will also provide ongoing support afterward.