6 Signs You May Need A Hearing Test

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The prospect of losing your hearing is hard to contemplate. Worse, not all forms of hearing loss set in right away. That means you may suffer a gradual loss of hearing that prevents you from noticing the exact moment things get bad. If you're worried about your hearing, pay attention to these 6 signs you might need a hearing test.

Turning Your Head More to Hear

Suppose you sit down to watch TV and you're at an odd angle to the television. Do you need to turn your head to do a better job of catching the audio? The same concerns apply during conversations. If you're regularly turning your head to pick up sounds, it's time to schedule a hearing test.

Cranking Volume Settings

It's understandable that one or two programs on TV might need to have the volume turned up. Conversely, if the volume on your car stereo, phone and laptop are all cranked up, then it might be time to be worried. The problem may be as simple as packed ear wax, but it's best to schedule a doctor's visit to learn when you might need a hearing aid.

Not Picking Up Low Voices

Especially when talking with children or women who have lower voices, never being able to quite pick up what they're saying is a concern. It's fine if you only have this problem with one or two people, but you shouldn't run into it all the time.

Hearing Badly in Crowded Places

Dismissing this one is easy, and that's all the more reason to pay attention to it. If you can never hear what anyone is saying in a crowded restaurant, for example, that's not a good sign. This is particularly the case if you find yourself drifting off while others are talking in such settings.

Working Around Loud Sounds

Many jobs require working in settings where there is loud machinery, such as in garages, at airports, or in the military. Even if you have been provided hearing protection and exhibit no signs of trouble, don't assume earplugs or noise-canceling headphones will magically do all the work to save your hearing. It's prudent to schedule an annual hearing test to confirm that everything is still working right.

Getting Older

Nearly one-third of folks over 65 years old have hearing loss. If you're over the age of 65, talk to your doctor about testing your hearing during your annual checkup.

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