A Look At Orthotics And How They Can Help You

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Foot discomfort is so common that it's normal to have it occasionally. Chronic foot pain is different, and you may need to see a podiatrist for an evaluation and treatment. A podiatrist often recommends orthotics to treat a variety of foot conditions. Here's information about orthotics and how they might benefit you.

You Can Buy Some Types Over The Counter

Orthotics are inserts you put in your shoes. You can buy a one-size-fits-all type at grocery and drug stores. These may be helpful if your feet get tired from standing all day or when you're on vacation and spending all day at a theme park. There are different kinds you can buy that serve different purposes. Some are thick and provide padding under your arch or heel. Others are made of gel and help tired feet.

These are affordable, and they might help with mild foot discomfort. They're usually soft and flexible, and you may need to trim them to size. If you wear them every day, they may not last too long, so you'll want to replace them when they lose the ability to support or pad your feet.

Other Orthotics Are Custom Made For You

If you have a foot condition, gait problem, or other medical condition with your feet, your podiatrist might recommend custom orthotics. These are much higher quality than ones you buy at a store. They are sometimes stiff rather than flexible, and they're made out of more durable materials so they last a long time.

The advantage of custom inserts is that they fit your feet perfectly. The podiatrist makes a mold of your feet, which might be physical or digital, so the lab can shape the insert to fit your foot and treat your specific foot problem.

Custom orthotics cost more than store-bought inserts, but they also work better. If your custom inserts are considered medically necessary as a treatment and not a preventative measure, your insurance company might help pay for them.

Orthotics Have Many Benefits

Custom shoe inserts can treat more than just foot pain. When you have an abnormal gait, your entire body is affected because of the way you have to hold your body. This can lead to back, hip, leg, or knee pain. By adjusting your gait with quality shoe inserts, your body will be better aligned. That could reduce the amount of pain you feel in places besides your feet.

Plus, the inserts can help if you play a lot of sports or run. Additionally, if you never seem to be comfortable in shoes, orthotics could make a difference in your comfort level by adding padding where you need it and support for your arch and ankle. 

For more info about orthotics, contact a local seller.